About us

As a business we strive to ensure we offer modern and clean facilities.
Superior customer service is the main priority of our business.

At The Calico Court Motel Your Comfort is Our Mission
Check In Time: From 12 Noon
Check Out Time: 10:00 am
Reception Hours : 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. 7 Days a week
After Hours : Contact the reception for information about the 24 hour check in system

Motel Terms & Conditions

Accommodation Charges:

All booked accommodation must be paid in full at Check - in on arrival date or as agreed to by the management. Accommodation may be paid in cash or other agreed method to avoid credit/charge card service fees (currently 3% for American Express & Dinners Card) Visa and Master Card are exempt.

Booking Policy:

The name of the booking must be the person checking in

Cancellation Policy:

We accept your cancellation 48 hours 4 p.m. from day of booking.
Inside this time we charge the first day unless we are able to resel the room on the day booked.

Check In and Check Out Times:

Check in is from 12:00pm on the day of arrival. Departing guests should vacate the room by 10:00am on the day of departure or as agreed to with the management.
A late check-out fee of $20.00 is charged for the first hour or part thereof and there after a full per night room rate will be charged.
Office hours are from 7:00am - 9:00pm.
Contact the reception for information about the 24 hour check in system.
Payment Types Accepted

American Express (3% surcharges)
Dinners Card (3% surcharges)
Debit Card
Master Card
Cash (with driver's licence/Passport or other acceptable photo ID.)
Cheque (at management discretion)
Child Policy:

Infants under 2 yrs. with own cot FOC. Children 2 years and over are charged at the extra person rate.

Deposit Policy:

No deposit is taken before arrival

No-show Policy:

If you are a noshow the total booking will be charged.

Innkeepers Act (Act no. 24, 1968, section 7)

Loss of or damage to guest's property
Under the innkeeper's act 1968, an innkeeper may in certain circumstances be liable to make good any loss or damage to a guests property even though it was not due to any fault of the innkeeper or any servant in his employ.

This liability however:

Extends only to the property of guests who have engaged sleeping accommodation at the inn.
Is limited to one hundred dollars to any one guest except in the case of property which has been deposited, or offered for deposit, for safe custody.
Does not cover any motor vehicle or other vehicles of any kind or any property left in them, or horses or other live animals.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made within 48 hours of check-in will forfeit the tariff charge for the first nights' accommodation
Refunds for other cancellations will be at the discretion of the Management, depending on the circumstances of the booking. e.g. - Length of stay/peak times/weekends.
No Refunds for room changes.
No Refunds for early departures.
No Refunds given after check-in.
Legal Statement.

Calico Court Motel has a strict policy for handling customer information. The information you provide to Calico Court Motel is confidential and protected to the fullest extent possible. Calico Court Motel will not disclose or distribute customer information to third parties without prior written consent by the customer.
However by signing the guest registration form you agree to allow us to pass on to persons we deem appropriate your details should you or any of your visitors;
Such as but not limited to:
Fail to settle your account
Smoke in the rooms
Room degradation (Such as vomit, bodily waste)
General damage to motel property, fittings and fixtures
All non-standard cleaning charges
And or any problem sufficient to result in a room being withdrawn from its availability to be let.

Group Bookings

5 to 31 Rooms:
50% or $500 (Whichever is the lesser) Deposit at the time of booking by Credit Card/Cash or Cheque.
Full Balance to be paid at Check-In.
Cancellations made within 30 days of check-in will not be refunded their deposit.


A $100.00 bond will be charged for all bookings paid for by cash per room at the discretion of management.
Bonds will be refunded at checkout During Office Hours Only with a satisfactory inspection of the room or rooms.

All room rates are set out on the rates sheet available from reception. Rates are per room per night based on single or double or family occupancy, unless otherwise stated. All rates are inclusive of the Australian Goods and Service Tax (GST)
The rates are subject to changes without notice.
The rates may increase without notice due to changes in but not limited to, the imposition of new government charges, taxes or levies.

Fees and Charges

Entry into Motel rooms is conditional upon a signed guest registration form. Due to fire regulations management must be aware of the number of guests in all rooms.
All room rates are for 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 guests, a $15.00 charge will be applied to any extra guests.
The cost of meals for extra guests is also the responsibility of the person signing the registration from.
If in the course of a guests stay, and contributable to any guests or visitors of that room, any unforeseen expenses that become apparent, the signing guests credit card will be charged an amount, appropriate to the expense, at a rate determined by the management of Calico Court Motel.
In the case of a bond, the bond funds will be held in reserve until such time that all costs associated with the said expenses are recovered including any legal fees incurred. Any remaining bond moneys will be refunded to the guests.

Fees chargeable to guests account include, and are not limited to:

Smoking in rooms, room degradation (such as vomit, bodily waste, general damage, any problem sufficient to result in a room being withdrawn from its availability to be let) a $250.00 cleaning fee will be charged, plus any professional floor cleaning charges at cost, plus a daily room tariff equal to the daily tariff that we would charge if the room was available to be let or any other rate that may be agreed to by the management, in accordance with business demand on the day, until the said room has been returned to its saleable condition.
Lost or stolen keys will incur a $100.00 fee. Attempts will be made to contact the guest who will be given the opportunity to return keys taken. Failure to do so will result in the fee being charged to their credit card or bond.

Enforcement of Terms and Conditions

Copies of these terms and conditions are available from Calico Court Motel reception, in each motel room compendium and our web site - www.calicocourtmotel.com.au.
By signing our guest registration forms, you agree that your access to and use of the motel is subject to these terms and conditions.

The Management
Calico Court Motel